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The Arpel Girls


Dr. Helen Lusikyan


I have always been very skeptical about aesthetic injections, such as fillers and toxins, because I have always feared that it changes people's look immensely. But after familiarizing myself with the practices of aesthetic injections, I have learned to appreciate the effect and the outcome of injectables. As a psychologist, I work with many beautiful people who struggle with self confidence; after establishing Arpel Med Spa, I have come to realize that a little enhancement of one's natural beauty contributes to a higher level of self confidence. Our goal at Arpel Med Spa is to consult every client prior to procedures to ensure that the procedures they desire will not only enhance their outer beauty, but also contribute to their inner self confidence.


Helen & Arpi


Arpi Lusikyan


My goal when establishing Arpel Med Spa was to help beautiful men and women feel even more confident in their own skin. Having dealt with self image issues myself, I understand how important it is to achieve the look you desire to feel the best you can about yourself. We are all beautiful in our own way - but beauty starts on the inside first. We must feel beautiful on the inside to radiate that on the outside. At Arpel Med Spa, we will enhance your natural beauty and help you feel your best!